Life Is Too Short To Be Busy

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some time just before our trip to Spain, I spotted this quote on Jacqui's feed. Without realizing it at first, those few lines made a huge impression on me. Somehow, unconsciously, it gave me the green light to re-evaluate my own busyness and see it for what it really is. By giving myself the permission to make small changes towards things I cherish, I've been able to make tiny new pockets of space for the things that matter more, and toss the things that don't work anymore.

Like everything, it's a process, but let's face it, life is really too short to be busy all the time. Don't you think? Hope this will do some good to you too...

P.S: Proof that perception is everything.
P.P.S: And, this.

(Photo by The Broad Place)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Diane. Jill

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