Mother's Day Gifties

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What are you treating your mom to this year? Have you already decided on that one special gem? If you're still not totally sure what to get her, or you need a bit of help, no worries, there is still time!

And to make matters easier, here are 16 minimal, usable, beautiful, fanciable and totally special gifties that any mom would be happy to receive...
From the top: 1. HOPE Made in the World pima cotton scarf - 2. Olive Bella's 'mother daughter necklace' - 3. Floating forest cone - 4. Flamingo pitcher - 5. Cacao lotion melt moisturizer - 6. Mable brush (4-pack) - 7. Massage brush - 8. Vintage brass studs by GemLark - 9. Herbal bath tea soak - 10. Rose Atlantic perfume - 11. Personalized bar bracelet by Edor - 12. 'The Keeper of Lost Things' by Ruth Hogan - 13. ILIA Beauty cucumber water stick - 14. Charlie Bax copper candle - 15. Brillo di Treviso wine cheese - 16. Pink Dahlia print.

Any favourites?

P.S: What our moms taught us about cooking.
P.P.S: Motherhood is about love, not genetics.

(Top photo and layout by exPress-o)


Anonymous said...

Great ideas. I love the personalized bracelet, very special. Jill

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