If you only buy one thing this week...

Monday, May 1, 2017

....it should be a generous bunch of purple lilacs. They are finally in season - a bit late this year, but it's all forgiven, since they brought the smell of early summer with them. Speaking of scents, did you know that purple lilacs are most fragrant on a sunny and warm day? According to my friend who is a florist, if you place your bunch in the sunniest spot in your flat, their fragrance will be more intense and it will last for much longer. Who knew!

P.S: Also, this lilac body oil and that lilac water.
P.P.S: Lilac for spring?

(Photos by/via A Joyful Journey and Stories by Me)


Anonymous said...

I passed by a stand this morning thinking I should buy it. I'll now, thx. Jill

Your Invisible Crown said...


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