5-Ingredient Smoothie Frenzy

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Recently, Balazs and I've been swapping after-dinner desserts for healthy smoothies!

So the other day, while looking up easy and delicious recipes to whip up in a jiffy, I stumbled upon those 5-ingredient gems above. They are visually beautiful, undeniably healthy, not complicated at all, and actually look better than your average dessert, if you ask me:). So far we made the mint chocolate chip mix and the blueberry pancake mix - both were delicious!

Which one tickles your fancy?

P.S: Also, the healthiest bit of avocado.
P.P.S: And, a few summery takes on watermelon.

(Photos by Greatist)


Anonymous said...

this is amazing, thx

Jillian said...

these smoothies are so fun! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Kathryn said...

What could you use in place of the banana? Avocado or pumpkin maybe?

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