The Pegasus Project

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This must be the sweetest thing, ever!

Two years ago, Dave Meinert rescued a Great Dane puppy named Pegasus. Shortly after, he was told she wouldn't live for much longer, so Dave started to film her to create a chronicle of their time together. Fast-forward to today, Pegasus is a big girl and still very much alive! She now lives with Dave’s friend who can daily attend to her needs, loves running around the garden and is inseparable from her best friend Luna.

Watch the video above of their time together, it will melt your heart...

P.S: Good things take time.
P.P.S: Flamingos' love dance :)

(via Recovering Lazyholic. Top photo by Dave Meinert)


Anonymous said...

Sweet. Jill

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