Spring Hair: Bar Barrette Ponytail

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Recently, a friend borrowed me one of her long bar barrettes for a wedding I attended. Due to the lack of time, I wore it with a low and super minimal ponytail and to my surprise, this rather understated and effortless hairdo was a hit, not only with me, but a few other guests as well. So, in the following week I got myself my own little gem and now I can't stop wearing it. It's one of those accessories, that you wouldn't think twice about, but it really makes a differences. Try it!

Here are two of my favourites. Which one tickles your fancy?

P.S: Also, bun cuffs.
P.P.S And sassy straw hats for under $35.

(Photos by/via Her New TribeVanessa Jackman and Lisa Says Gah)


Anonymous said...

I like them. Jill

Unknown said...

i love this look! it looks so classic. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Mary Beth said...

Diana--you are just the BEST at pulling together these inspiration/roundup types of posts. Love them! You always have such great ideas. These barrette ponytails are feeling very 70's to me. I just might try it!

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