Go Succulent and Now Breathe!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

If you need a good excuse to treat yourself to a few additional succulents this week, here it is:

Unlike most plants, succulents don't respire during the night. Instead, they keep on producing oxygen that helps you breath better. Yes, they will literally supply you with an extra boost of refreshed air during your sleep that ultimately leads to a more restful night and a better mood the next morning.

Now, you are totally justified to go succulent-crazy:) Go on...

P.S: Succulent potted pumpkins.
P.P.S: Easter flowers.

(Photos by/via The Weaver HouseBritta Nickel and Kinfolk. Tip via Red Magazine)


Anonymous said...

Thx for this, I had no clue. Jill

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