Winter Uniform Pick-Me-Up

Thursday, February 2, 2017

If by any change you crave a quick wardrobe pick-me-up, then take my word for it, and paint your nails orange-y red today! I promise, a bit of foxy juiciness will not only elevate your go-to uniform, but also lift your spirits. My to-go choice is côte's no.25 but essie's creamy tangerine will surely do too:)

Pretty, isn't it?

P.S: The best red lipstick for winter.
P.P.S: And, 3 more nifty uniform tweaks.

(Photos by Hanna Stefansson via LaTonya Yvette)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, the whole thing including the mani. Jill

Emily said...

I love the first photo. I have it pinned for inspiration :) That orange-y red colour brings so much warmth to my complexion, I look just a week bit tanned when I wear it.


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