Valentine's Day Manicure

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? I have a friend who loves to embrace every single holiday to the fullest. She wears a snowflake coat-pin in winter, she dresses head-to-toe in green on Earth Day and she even personalizes her nails depending on the season or a celebration. So, this year I'm thinking about joining in with this beautifully cheery Valentine's Day manicure that seems subtle enough for me to pull off, yet still festive enough, so I feel like I'm properly joining in.

Pretty isn't it? Here is the full how-to if you fancy it too...

P.S: And those are perfect for spring...
P.P.S: Plus, do you remember this little champagne trick? Might came in handy!

(Photos by Valorie Darling for/via Lauren Conrad)


Anonymous said...

Your friend sounds fun and like the idea a lot

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