The Best Wine Cork, Ever!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Don't you just hate it when the side-door of your fridge is full, but you have an unfinished bottle of wine after dinner? Well, I do :) And no matter how much you push in the cork, when you lay it on the shelf, it's always dripping. Sounds familiar? Well, worry no more!

Rachel's idea will save the day: it's a wine-protecting cork that actually lets you store bottles sideways. I immediately ordered it and never looked back. It's a bit kitschy, it's made of silicon, but boy-oh-boy, it's as life changing as nailing Julia Child's poached egg technique:)

Go...get one, before they are all gone...:)

P.S: All things rosé...
P.P.S: Travelling somewhere? Here is how to pack wine in your suitcase.

(Tip via New York Magazine. Photos via Moon and TreesHiki and by Chantal Anderson)


Anonymous said...

I like the sunflower shared stopper. Thx for the tip. Jill

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