Super Clever Cheese Candles!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Holy moly, I have a birthday game-changer for you right here!

If, by any change, you are one of those people who happily turns down a birthday cake in favour of a cheese plate (or know someone who does), then you are in luck! Instead of torturing yourself (or others) with cake, get their favourite stinky cheese and make it into a birthday cheese candle.

Yes, that is totally true, Victoria tried it and swears by it! The only things you need are wax ended chunks of cheese, a wick and a needle.

Now, I race you to the cheese shop, ready? (Here is the full how-to)

P.S: Also, a fresh cherry candle for those who indeed prefer cake:) And, my favourite lemon candles that you can make yourself.
P.P.S: Don't miss our stunning Karin A Clothing GIVEAWAY this week!

(Photos by/via Erin Holland for Subtle Revelry)


Anonymous said...

You find the most fun ideas. Jill

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