Nifty Home Trick

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Here is a tiny trick that just might carry us through this winter blues: hang a large nature photograph in your flat, and I promise you, it will magically provide an instant visual escape, similar to an actual window. I have the view of the British countryside just above my work desk and it lifts my mood and spirits each time I look at it.

So, if you're up for adding an artful window to your home, here are eight beautiful views you can have in a jiffy.

From top: Lila and Lola green leaf print - Turtur botanical wall print - palm trees print - tree blaze print by Kara Rosenlun - blueberries print - wild-flower print - leaf plant print - cactus.

P.S: And a few more summer-y pieces...
P.P.S: Shell we?

(Top photo by Melissa Kaseman via Gardenista. Tip by Sophia Moreno-Bunge. Layout by exPress-o)


Anonymous said...

Great idea. Jill

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