Jazzy Homemade Bow Ties

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Do you watch Elementary with Lucy Liu? Well, it's one of my favourite telly series and not only for the super cool crime-fighting duo, but also because of Watson's impeccable tomboyish style. That girl always looks effortlessly stylish in my opinion.

Anyway, recently she started to wear beautifully masculine bow ties that I've been meaning to try myself. So the other day, I went on a little snoop around and I found Brittni's awesome bow tie tutorial that I must try. Those sassy bow ties above only require a bit of fabric, no real crafting skills and a sewing machine. That is all!

I'm in love with the red-velvet beauty. You?

P.S: Also, my go-to hair tweak (that involves a black ribbon).
P.P.S: Plus, two snazzy ways to tie your scarf.

(Photos and how-to by Brittni Mehlhoff)


Anonymous said...

If I only knew how to use a sewing machine. They are great. Jill

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