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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Any coffee-loving bookworms out there? If so, you’re in good company, since on any given day, you’re likely to catch Haley getting lost in a book, while sipping on a hot cup of java. So if you fancy a snoop for your next read inspiration or just need to add a dash of beauty to this rather cold day, go ahead and check out her beautiful feed

P.S: Speaking of books, do you remember this Parisian bookshop you can sleep in?
P.P.S: Plus, something amazing for coffee people.

(via the lovely Steph - Little Observationist, and Design Taxi. Photos by My Little Booktique)


Anonymous said...

I mostly drink tea but books are my love. Jill

Unknown said...

Thanks for the amazing post. I enjoyed reading this post. Look what I found here:

Your Invisible Crown said...

I would get the books from the first two pictures just by how pretty they look :-)

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