Halloween Décor: Wax Dipped Flowers

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Are you hosting a Halloween dinner-party this year?

If you do, here is a beautifully simple, yet totally eerie floral centerpiece idea that will definitely make a spooky impression on your guests. The only things you need to create those decorative wax dipped flowers are: wax chips, black wax dye, and half a dozen red roses or any other blooms you fancy.

When finished, you can place them in a vase as a centerpiece or put them individually at each setting, as shown above.

What do you think? I love this idea:) If you do too, here are all the instructions to make them yourself.

P.S: Also, all things Seinfeld Halloween...
P.P.S: And those awesome succulent potted pumpkins.

(Photos by Laura Dominguez via/for Camille Styles)


Anonymous said...

years ago i made something similar and I loved it. thanx for the reminder

Diana Mieczan said...

Anonymous :)

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