Nifty Manicure Tip

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ha! Fancy a great little tip for hardening your nail polish in a jiffy? After you paint your nails, wait a minute or two for your lacquer to dry and then dip your fingers into ice water. Yup, cold water has the power to harden freshly painted polish like nothing else, making it look beautiful. Try it!

P.S: And here is a tip to prevent your nail polish from chipping.
P.P.S: Sassy...

(Tip via Red Magazine and photo by Kelsie McNair via Feel and Flourish)


Anonymous said...

Smart, thx

The Reader's Tales said...

You knew this as well ? It's a grandma trick...and it really works. I always do that. Kiss
PS: lovely picture by the way :)

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