Home Tweak: Air Plants

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What started as a mild fascination by now transformed into a full-on infatuation - and honestly, who can blame me, just look at those quirky air plants above!

Beside their awesome ability to flourish without soil, they also entice you with their natural vibe. As long as you place them in a room with a dash of indirect light, soak them in water once or twice a week and keep them warm, they will make your home look beautiful for months to come! Swoon...

Do you have any of those rascals? How do you display them?

P.S: Fancy growing your own pineapple plant?
P.P.S: Plus, a bit about hanging plants and this jungle flat in Brooklyn:)

(Care tips via Jillian. Photos by/via BLDG 25DecoistGems of The SoilFall For DiyDesign SpongeFrankly EsotericApartment TherapyThe Fresh Exchange and HRUSKAA)


Anonymous said...

Any idea where to get them? Jill

Wall Tapestry said...

Nice home tweaks and also so beautiful pic. Thanks for sharing. I also want to use this, Next time.
Thanks agains.......

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