An Easy (and Natural) Way To Unclog Your Pores

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How do you keep your pores squeaky-clean? Till recently, I only used pore strips, but then my friend told me to try using lemon instead and I'm totally blown away by it! Supposedly, the citric acid in the lemon has the ability to exfoliate your skin while clearing out any dirt or oil residing in your pores, so it makes for the most effective and natural remedy.

Simply cut a lemon in half and rub it over the affected area. Let it stay on your face for up to 10 minutes, then rinse and apply moisturizer, as usual. Will you try it?

P.S: My favourite superfood face mask.
P.P.S: Fancy a little 'natural you' challenge?

(Photo via Well and Good. Tip via Amy, how-to via Byrdie)


Anonymous said...

baking soda works good too but I think lemon is gentler on skin, which is nice

Annie J said...

Putting lemon or baking soda on your face is actually very very dangerous and damaging for your skin! I know you mean well with this advice, but both dramatically alter your skin's ph and natural barrier, and lemon in particular can cause chemical burns!

Yogurt masks on the other hand are a great, safe way to get acids (in this case, gentle lactic) on your face to help clear away dead cells.

Diana Mieczan said...

Annie, I'm surprised to hear that, because I've actually been reading about using lemon on your skin from several different, reasonably reliable sources, that's why I now decided to write a post about it. I'm certainly no dermatologist, so you might be right - its good to be on the lookout. Thanks for your input :)

Diana Mieczan said...

Anonymous, good to know. Thanks

The Reader's Tales said...

Tomates too are excellent :)

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