The Art of the Wedding Toast

Monday, June 27, 2016

Personally, I tend to dread giving a wedding toast, as admittedly 95% of them are utterly embarrassing or awkward – in a hilarious type-of-way. Let face it, it's hard to put together something funny and personal about the bride or groom that a big chunk of the guests will find beautifully touching as well.

Having said that, Balazs and I have a friend who is a pro at giving wedding toasts making everyone fall in love with his stories - even me, the rather cynical type:) Anyway, Matt uses a simple 3-1-2 toast formula he read in The New York Times.

It works like a charm and it goes like this:

First, for a few minutes you should speak in the third person, sharing a funny story or a warm memory about the bride or groom. Next, you should say a few genuine words in the first person, explaining your own feelings about the groom or bride. And finally, you should speak directly to the couple in the second person. “May you have a life filled with...” or “May you always find joy in...”

That is all - short, personal, beautiful and truly heartfelt. What more do you need, right? Have you ever given a wedding toast? How did it go?

P.S: Sweet, little wedding moments.
P.P.S: 100 years of wedding dresses in 3 minutes.

(Toast tip by Bruce Feiler. Photo by Lisa Poggi via Rock My Wedding)


Anonymous said...

Smart and useful. My husband is going to give the best man toast in September.

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