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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Are you a procrastinator? The other day, after reading this article about the science of procrastination, Cheryl Strayed posted her thoughts on it and it inspired so many, including myself, so I decided to share it here too.

For many people, a little procrastination isn't harmful - like getting lost in Facebook for 15 minutes or putting off doing the laundry for a few days. Yet, roughly 5 percent of the population has such a problem with chronic procrastination that it seriously affects their lives. Although a bit of it is actually good for us, it can also create problems if we are not careful.

Here is Cheryl’s take on it:
"This morning I read an article about the science of procrastination, in which psychologist Tim Pychyl talked about how we often put off doing things we want or need to do because we get stuck in the idea of the present self (the person who doesn’t want to do XYZ right now) rather than imagining our future selves (the person who will feel good about having done XYZ).

Imagining my future self struck me as such useful, timely advice that I immediately wrote the words on a sticky note and stuck it on my bathroom mirror. And then I stood there, gazing at it. Somehow even doing THAT felt like progress.

I walk every day, but most days my walks are more leisure than workout. I’ve long been aware that I need to take it up a notch. I used to do yoga. I used to lift weights. I used to be a runner. I stopped running about six years ago after I injured my knee while training for the Portland Marathon. I always meant to get back to running one of these days, but every day turned into another day that I didn’t go for a run. Except today! Thank you, internet! Thank you, Dr. Pychyl! Thank you, sticky note! Because of you my present self took her plump heinie out the door and RAN. But I did it. And it felt good. High five, future self, day one."

After reading the article and Cheryl's post, I've done the same thing and asked the same question. I've been putting off my morning workouts and meditation for a while now, making excuses why I should pass on it, but since three week's ago, I've been finally back on track, waking up an hour earlier to get things done and it feels SO good!

So, now tell me, what's your future self going to do?

P.S: One day of your life, and life lessons.
P.P.S: The vulnerability of 'thank you' and the joy of a never-ending search for hobbies.

(Photos via Her Paperweight and by Cheryl Strayed)


Anonymous said...

My future self will finally learn to bake. Jill

Diana Mieczan said...

Jill, I LOVE that:)

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