Cheers to a lovely weekend

Friday, April 29, 2016

Cheers to the last April weekend! This month definitely flew by, hasn't it? Tomorrow we are off to a garden party (fingers crossed for good weather) and on Sunday I'm hoping to just relax, sleep in and listen to Miles Davis on repeat. How about you? Wishing everyone a lovely next two days! I'll see you back here on Monday morning, but in the meantime, fancy going down the internet rabbit hole? Enjoy!

This surprisingly simple trick can make you a better listener.

Rare recording of 1993 New York (Fascinating, no smartphones in sight).

Stories from Central London...


'Why I love getting older'.

Ha, why minimalism may be the answer to anxiety!

Change your story to change your life.

This take on carrot cake is intriguing.


Food to improve hormonal imbalance.

Cheery front door. Which colour do you like best?

So adorable!

A homemade deodorant that works.

Beautiful 'Through The Lens' video with the ever inspiring Aran Goyoaga.

Foggy London...

How to relearn the art of eating.


How to avoid decorating traps.

Easy Japanese breakfast bowl that I want to try.

Why many successful people wear uniforms...

And fancy a blast from the past?
- Five years ago today.
- Four years ago tomorrow.
- Three years ago today.
- Two years ago today.
- One year ago today.

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(Photo via Catey)


Anonymous said...

Great links as always Diana. Jill

Jen Holtkamp said...

So tempted to paint my door a deep teal or seafoam green!!! Happy weekend!

Helena Oops said...

Lovely post and links!
Thanks for sharing.
Wish you a fab weekend!

Camila Faria said...

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend Diana!

I loved to see all those new yorkers without a cell phone on their hands. Those were the days, right? ;)

Diana Mieczan said...

Jill, thanks! Glad you like them:)

Diana Mieczan said...

holtkamp, you totally should!

Diana Mieczan said...

Helene, thank you!

Diana Mieczan said...

Camila, totally!

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