20-year-old Marilyn Monroe

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Be still my heart! In 1946, before she became famous, Marilyn Monroe and her photographer boyfriend, André de Dienes drove to Malibu beach where the 20-year-old posed for this series of photos.

Here is what André remembers about this day:

"She was twenty and had never experienced the intoxication of success, yet already there was a shadow over her radiance, in her laughter. I asked her to react instinctively, without giving herself time to think, to the words happiness, surprise, reflection, doubt, peace of mind, sadness, self-torment… and death.

When I said ‘death’ she took hold of the folded dark-cloth and covered her head with it. Death to her was blackness, nothingness. I tried to coax another reaction from her. Death might be a beginning, the hope of an everlasting light. She shook her head: ‘That’s what death is for me.’ She turned towards me, her face set and despairing, eyes dulled, her mouth suddenly bereft of colour. To her, death was the end of everything."

How interesting and hunting, in a way. She was such a beauty!

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(via Bored Panda via Vintage Everyday)


Anonymous said...

i had to look twice to recognize her. what a gorgeous girl

Melanie said...

I've always been fascinated by Marilyn Monroe! She was such a tragic inspiration that will never be forgotten! What beautiful photos, I've never seen these before!

Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

Camila Faria said...

I love how radiant she looks in these pictures. <3

Diana Mieczan said...

Anonymous, I know what you mean...She looks so different, indeed!

Diana Mieczan said...

Melanie, so true!

Diana Mieczan said...

Camila, totally agree! She looks so wonderful...

OnePerfectDay said...

Such radiance!
She's so young in these pictures!

Diana Mieczan said...

OnePerfectDay, oh yes!

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