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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do you ever treat your home to something small, yet totally wonderful?

I find that treating yourself to little indulgences is rather needed, even for a self-proclaimed minimalist like yours truly. It probably shouldn’t happen every single day, but once or twice a month it’s good to buy something that will make you feel jolly.

Since I work from home, I have this thing of rewarding my flat (and indirectly myself) to tiny little treats after a well done project. I also use the same approach on days when I have the hardest time concentrating. On those occasions, I’ll set myself a goal of how much work I need to finish before popping down to the florist to pick up a bunch of flowers or hunt down a new natural soap I’ve wanted to buy forever!

So, inspired by Nancy’s post, here are 10 tiny little home indulgences that will keep on giving and the best bit is they are all under $10, because you don’t need to spend a fortune to feel special.

1. Storage bag - 2. vintage telephone notepad - 3. honey dipper - 4. Bonjour New York coffee table book - 5. Saipua vetiver with French clay soap - 6. coffee mug - 7. linen cushion cover - 8. painted mini tin candle - 9. plate - 10. scented sachet set.

P.S: The little things that mean a lot.
P.P.S: And when was the last time you...?

(Photos by Practising Simplicity and via Darling, be darling. Layout by exPress-o)


Anonymous said...

Great post for my budget, thanks for keeping it real

Unknown said...

I love this idea! I've been thinking lately it would be nice to get a fancy hand soap for the bathroom. It deserves some love! :) xo, Katie

Kate said...

That coffee mug....such sweetness :)

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