DIY Best Natural Surface Spray

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Speaking of natural, minimal and label-less life.

Here is the best homemade surface spray mix, ever! I’ve been using this 3-ingredient 1-minute mix ever since last spring and it has made such a difference. It’s totally natural, safe (as it has no toxic ingredients like all the other store-bought cleaners) and it’s powerful. Every time I run out of it, I quickly make a new batch using one of my three favourite cleaning essential oil scents: lemon, eucalyptus or tea tree.

Intrigued? Here is the very easy how-to if you fancy swapping to natural home care this year!

P.S: And those two are perfect to give your bathroom a good scrub!
P.P.S: Clementine candles.

(Photos and recipe by Traditional Medicinals)


Anonymous said...

I like this, also baking soda works great on bathroom tiles. Jill

Diana Mieczan said...

Jill, totally!

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