How to: beautiful knit throw (without any needles!)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Blimey, how pretty is that throw? Would you believe it if I said that you can create a throw exactly like this one, all by yourself, without using knitting needles and with no knitting experience? Well, two weeks ago my friend Sofia tried it by following the how-to video above and it turned out incredible! Actually, it looks so amazing that I asked her to make me one for Christmas this year :)

All you need is thick unspun wool in your favourite colour, some free time and your hands. Ta dah! Have a look!

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(via Style Files. Video by Style Cookie. Tutorial by Anke Helmich and Wenda Torenbosch. Photo by Style Cookie)


Anonymous said...

Smart and pretty, I'll try it. Jill

A Life Un-Styled said...

I would love to try this! Do you know how she got it that big though? I'm busily looking online for New Zealand thick unspun wool. It would make such a great craft project x

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