Christmas Gift Guide #5: Coffee Lover

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Any coffee lovers out there? There must be at least one you know. Am I right? We have four in our family and two of my close friends also love all things coffee. Buying coffee gadgets is probably one of my favorite things, especially when I know how much those little gems will make my loved ones' morning routine better, easier and more fun. So here are 16 nifty, scrumptious, delightful and pretty perfect gift ideas for those coffee aficionados in your life.

Which one tickles your (or their) fancy?

1. coffee spoon ($10) - 2. coffee tee ($20) - 3. coffee lover lollipop set ($24) - 4. coffee bean necklace in rose gold or gold (from $13 to $170) - 5. brass and walnut pour over coffee brewer ($190) - 6. coffee plant ($10) - 7. dry coffee scrub  ($28) - 8. black coffee ice cream ($12) - 9. Mast Brothers coffee chocolate ($12.95) - 10. coffee and brown sugar soap ($6) - 11. the scent of coffee revelation kit with 36 scents ($299) - 12. kettle pin ($9) - 13. Mazama coffee mug ($50) - 14. hazelnut coffee scented soy candle ($28) - 15. the coffee tea towel ($15) - 16. diy cold brew coffee set ($15).

P.S: Also, all our gift guides so far this year, and the whole of last year's bundle.
P.P.S: Plus, a few more ideas for coffee loving people out there :)

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Anonymous said...

I want all these things for myself. Jill

Martina // Spunkyrella said...

You clearly curated this one with me in mind :) One of each my way, please :) The t-shirt is just hilarious though! xo

Unknown said...

Oh I love that little kettle pin. So cute! xo, Katie

Unknown said...

Gifts? I want it all for myself ;)

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