Christmas Gift Guide #1: Cat Lady

Thursday, November 12, 2015

As promised, here is the first gift guide to kick off the festive season! This one is for all those wonderful cat ladies, near and far. From your flatmate who wears cat slipped, the sweet work-buddy who can't stop gushing over her new kittens, to your best friend or sister who collects cat-related memorabilia like it's her job:)

What caught your eye?

1. Cat’s pyjamas tea towel ($18) - 2. Lavender and lemongrass body oil ($22) - 3. Cat socks ($13) - 4. Cat ornament ($10) - 5. Cassie kat shopper ($12) - 6. Oakley - cat photo print ($34) - 7. Doodling for Cat People ($13) - 8. Tiny gold cat necklace ($25) - 9. Temporary cat tattoo ($5) - 10. Cat cup ($22) - 11iPhone cat case ($31.50) - 12. Kitty coin purse ($35) - 13. Pillow covers ($54) - 14. Cat lady badges ($6).

P.S: Fancy more? Here is last year's cat lady gift guide...
P.P.S: And, the perfect Christmas potpourri.

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Anonymous said...

there are at least 2 people i know who would love to receive the socks and at least one person who needs the doodle book - thx

Steph said...

Thanks for including Oakley! Love the crop - that's hilarious :)

the cape on the corner said...

yes! i'm a proud crazy cat lady.

Unknown said...

Did you make this gift guide just for me?! I think you did!!! I love all of it! xo, Katie

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