Top it with bruléed homemade fluff...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oh boy, I might regret this in a couple of weeks, but I'm giving in to the temptation. Plus, it's only fitting since the cooler weather might be just around the corner, and what would be more comforting, than a cup of hot chocolate (or hot coffee) with a generous helping of this homemade bruléed fluff on top? Ever since I spotted Alexandra’s nifty and super easy recipe, I’ve been daydreaming about falling leaves, sweaters and chilly mornings. See the trouble is, I might not be able to resist it till then, so don’t be surprised if you spot me drinking a cuppa of this ooey goodness tonight on my balcony :)

Here is the recipe if you fancy a treat as well. Looks scrumptious, doesn't it?

P.S: Remember this one? Still one of our favourites.
P.P.S: 3-ingredient morning ginger latte.

(Photos by Alexandra's Kitchen via La La Lovely)


Anonymous said...

I want! Jill

Unknown said...

Oh wow! That sounds amazing! xo, Katie

LyddieGal said...

Ohhh that does look delightful!
Chic on the Cheap

Your Invisible Crown said...

That looks very, very good!

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