Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I believe that life is made of all sorts of great, breath-taking, wonderful or even sad moments that might mean nothing to everyone else, but mean the world to us. Every single one of them shapes us into the person we are going to be tomorrow. So, today let’s acknowledge some of those tiny time-captures that make us happy, giddy, loved or whole.

Can you think of any that happened recently? Mine is from this Monday when a friend changed her plans for the afternoon, made soup and brought it over just because I didn’t feel well and she wanted to help. It wasn't about the soup, it was about how the gesture made us both feel - loved and needed. Moments like that make you realize how sweet and thoughtful people really are.

Your turn..

P.S: Greatest regrets and the one piece of advice you wish you'd been given.
P.P.S: "Me time" fix and let's celebrate our perfections.

(Photos via Studio CastilleroChuyên and Cali Vintage)


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about the same thing. Life gets too materialistic at time and we don't appreciate what really matters. You have a good friend, and my moment is from a few weeks ago when my newborn baby smiled at me, for the 1st time ever. I'll never forget that feeling

Jana said...

Having someone that you love that loves you back. Grateful :)

Unknown said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful friend!!

My recent one has been working out and getting healthy with my husband and all the good it has done for the both of us. I've been in a bad spot mentally and feeling pretty depressed most of the summer. It's been nice having a buddy to be active with and even nicer that it is my partner. This week when I was journaling, I noticed that I had a much better outlook on my life and future and I owe it to him and our desire to be healthier. xo, Katie

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