Guilty Pleasures

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Irina's guilty pleasure: "Caviar and expensive Champagne. I feel guilty because they are too expensive."

Brenda's  guilty pleasure: "African Clothes. I feel guilty because I don'€™t feel comfortable to wear them here, in Germany, outside of my house."

Cristina's guilty pleasure: "60s (teak) furniture, I feel guilty because I invest too much money in these jewels."

Tatiana's guilty pleasure: "Oreos Biscuits. I feel guilty because I can’t stop eating them."

Anca's guilty pleasure: "Smoking. I feel guilty because I spend money and it’s not healthy."

What is your guilty pleasure?

Mine is a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips. I love it and I treat myself to a bag of it sometimes, even though I know it's very unhealthy.

By definition guilty pleasure is a psychological feeling and it happens when something makes you feel good and gives you pleasure, but on the other hand makes you feel guilty for all types of reasons. The mind-blowing thing is that we all have big or small guilty pleasures, with no regards to age, culture or gender.

So, intrigued by this phenomena, Odeta Catana, a Berlin based photographer created a photo series to illustrate people's guilty pleasures. I love this because it shows we are all human, who love to indulge, even though our indulgences are often not rational. Thoughts?

P.S: Table phone talk.
P.P.S: Icons and their stripes and NYC subway public library.


Anonymous said...

Shoes!!! I have more pairs that I can wear but it doesn't stop me to get a new pair when I'm feeling low.Jill

little luxury list said...

I'm with you Diana! Potato chips (or crisps) are my weakness, i love all flavors! I actually just bought some and may eat them now...

little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

Art Farm said...

Shoes, especially boots, and expensive skin care. I can't stop buying boots, but I love have oodles of options! And I probably shouldn't spend so much money on skin care and I often go outside of my budget, but it feels so good on my face and you only have one face so I feel justified. xo, Katie

Carmen said...

Wow! Lays crisps with diet coke as snack in the beach. Cheese anytime. Asos browsing (I can spend hours!). Fancy makeup and skincare (not necessarily expensive although I splurge on Nars from time to time)...

Carmen said...

Sorry, and they are guilty because they are not healthy or because, I have too many blushes and dresses 😳

JMode said...

Button down shirts! Old ones new ones. I work in them play in them and sleep in my wonderful husband's. The older and softer the better till they are in tatters. Then, to keep them alive I give them to an artist whom uses them in her studio.

JMode said...

PS.. Soft spot for gingham and liberty prints:)

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