Dress The Rainbow

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Coral pink

Hot pink


Fire truck red

Tomato red


Mustard yellow
Pineapple yellow

Holy Moly, this is pure genius! Earlier this month, Brittany set herself a 50-day rainbow challenge where each day she wears one colour of the rainbow. Besides dressing herself in fun colours she also snaps a photo of her outfits against a wall of the same colour and even invites friends to join her in the fun! She is now on day 22 and going strong. I so want to join in, you? My colour would be navy blue or deep wine - yours?

P.S: Also, a rainbow cake and a rainbow cloud.
P.P.S: Minimalist take on a work uniform.

(All photos via The House That Lars Built by Alexa Jorgenson and Samantha Hahn)


Anonymous said...

Forest green because it's my fave color and I have the perfect dress in that hue

Merry Meri said...

How fun!! And what a great way to ensure you don't fall into the all black er'ything trap ha!! A bold jade green or royal blue are two of my fav colors to wear:) thanks for the colorful post Diana! xox

Marieken Hoefnagel said...

I've seen these on Instagram, must have been loads of fun wearing all the pretty outfits and go finding beautiful backdrops like these!

Art Farm said...

WOW!!! What a fun idea! I'm impressed with how she coordinates with the wall color. Navy and grey for me for sure. xo, Katie

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