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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

For Balazs and I, summer nights are all about meeting friends for dinners, going over to them for a pizza night or inviting people for a balcony wine evening. It often happens that friends-of-friends will join, which is great since the more the merrier but the introduction small-talk can get pretty awkward, am I right?

Well, till now my usual way of introducing people was simply by saying: 'Annie, meet Joe. Joe, meet Annie' - after which I conveniently excused myself and rushed back to the kitchen to get everything ready. But Cambria just shared her little introduction secret that I can’t wait to try out this Friday. It’s simply about following your introduction with a positive, interesting tidbit about that person.

Here is how it works:
Instead of just saying "Annie, meet Joe. Joe, Annie" and then leaving it up to them to get a conversation going, give your two guests a little more to go on. For example, "Annie, meet Joe. Joe, this is Annie. [Look at Joe] Annie is an art teacher, and an amazing runner. She actually just ran a marathon! [Look at Annie] Joe's a killer bluegrass banjo player and brews his own beer. We're going to be drinking some tonight, right, Joe?"

Simple, genius and nifty, isn't it? Hope you try it, I bet your friends will love you even more for it. On a side-note: my all time favourite awkward introduction - giggle!

P.S: 12 dinners, 12 cities, 1 year, and the wine debate.
P.P.S: When do you serve coffee and tea?

(Tip via the kitchn. Photos by/via Kristin TeigAnna WolfChris Ford and A Daily Something)


Anonymous said...

I try to do fun facts whenever I can. They make such difference and get people talking straight away. Jill

Unknown said...

So helpful! Sometimes I give little fun facts, but sometimes I forget or am busy with hosting. It is so appreciated when I'm at the receiving end and meeting someone new. I find small talk so awkward. xo, Katie

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Love these photos!

LyddieGal said...

that does sound like a great way to get your guests mingling and taking care of all the ice breaking for them! (plus, I would love to be at that roof top party right now!)
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