The hidden pool of Seljavallalaug in Iceland

Monday, May 18, 2015

Yippee! My Icelandic travel lust just got even stronger. This morning I read that this amazing hidden pool of Seljavallalaug is Iceland’s best kept secret and totally free to use if you’re nifty enough to stumble upon it yourself. Yup, there are no exact directions.

Originally, this gem was built in the beginning of the 20th century to teach locals how to swim, but by now it is a protected site and a one of a kind treat filled with hot spring water which trickles down from Eyjafjallajökull.

To find it you have to walk through the mountains down an uneven track that appears to lead to nowhere. However, if you look well enough, at the base of it, near Seljavellir, you will spot the pool right away. I also read that the water colour changes according to seasons and it's super healthy for your skin. Holy moly, what a treat this would be after a long day of hiking, don't you think? Have you been to Iceland already? Planning to?

P.S: Iceland - land of giants, and this incredible ice cave.
P.P.S: Plus, the Icelandic red dress, the dreamy swimming hole and that awesome spot.

(Photos by C'est ChristineGígja EinarsChris BurkardShari and Mike and via Daily Mail)


Anonymous said...

We're planning a family trip to Iceland for spring 2017. It's been a dream of mine to explore it.

Unknown said...

What an absolutely gorgeous setting!! I wanna go! :) xo, Katie

Chrissy said...

This is amazing. A friend of mine travels there every year - she loves Iceland. I will have to ask her if she has ever heard of it! Happy Monday, dear! xxx

Melissa Blake said...

WOW!!! That is so cool! :)

Michelle said...

always love these gems you find - what's your source?

Anonymous said...

My husband and I went here in October 2017. It was not so secret anymore. 2 bus loads of teenage girls ended up there at the same time as us. Water was not warm either except the little trickle coming down the rocks. Beautiful setting, though, and maybe the water would feel warmer in winter when the air is colder.
Do not regret making a stop there.

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