Natural Act

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

You’ve probably already seen bits and bobs of this amazing collage series circulating on the net, but I couldn’t resist sharing it in its full glory. Merve Özaslan brilliantly explores the relationship between nature and humanity by connecting cities and suburban scenes with portals to the natural world. Thought-provoking and stunning at the same time, don't you think?

P.S: Looking at art :)
P.P.S: Street style meets art and the moody art of cycling.

(via Design Crush)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Jill

Your Invisible Crown said...

These are magical, thanks for sharing, I love gawking at pretty pictures like these :-)

Lauren said...

The photo of the bathers and clouds makes me think of the moon door in Game of Thrones :)

Unknown said...

So cool! I hadn't seen this before, so thank you for sharing!! xo, Katie

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