Dolce far niente bowl of goodness

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Remember this scene from Eat Pray Love when Luca Spaghetti explains oh-so passionately the true meaning of dolce far niente? Well, years ago when I first read the book, I promised myself to be more in tune with the sweetness of doing nothing. I made a mission for myself to try incorporating those tiny little stolen moments into my days. I must admit I don't always manage, but when I do, my life is better for it.

So for the past few years, each spring when asparagus season is in its glorious best, I always enjoy a bowl of 'dolce far niente', all on my own - usually on those evenings when Balazs is working late and the flat is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. Ah, those are the best evenings, ever!

So, if you fancy a hearty, healthy, spring-perfect meal, here are the deets to make this happen in your home:

Steam a few baby asparagus and place them in a bowl together with a few fresh figs, slices of smoked salmon, your favourite fresh goat cheese, a dozen of Italian olives and 1 or 2 hard-boiled eggs. I  also drizzle on top a dash of grape-seed oil mixed with one clove of freshly grated garlic. I usually eat it on its own, while sipping a glass of rosé, but a slice of crusty rosemary bread on the side might be a fitting addition. Enjoy!

P.S: One life to live.
P.P.S: How to have a great life full of simple pleasures.

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Monica Aguinaga said...

what a beauty! I love asparagus, too. I will try this for sure!

xoxo have a great day

Diana Mieczan said...

Yay, Monica:) xoxo

Unknown said...

I love asparagus and made some a couple weeks ago. This dish just sounds amazing. I love super quiet nights at home too. Just me and the cat and a glass of wine. :) xo, Katie

Diana Mieczan said...

Katie, oh yes - those nights are truly the best:)

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