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Thursday, January 29, 2015

I get many emails from you, wonderful ladies, asking about my likes and loves. So, here is a little glimpse.

Years ago, my mom told me that the misconception is that if you want to make a statement, you should go with something bold, but in reality things in small packages make the biggest impression, so since then, I've been a big believer of less is more.

Since I am a creature of habit, especially with my daily "uniforms", I find that simply adding a tiny little necklace to my daily rotation makes for the best accessory. Pair it with a saucy lipstick and a messy hairdo and you're ready to go. Above is my newest favourite piece (triangle and dot necklace) that I haven't taken off since early December. It goes with everything from simple tops, foxy date-night dresses to even chunky sweaters.

So, if you fancy adding a dash of minimal chic to your wardrobe, here are nine dandy and tiny necklaces that just might do the trick for you.

1. Morse coded necklace with a word that is truly dear to you - 2. Serpentine necklace - 3. Hammered baby circle necklace - 4. Tiny gold hexagon necklace - 5. Tiny sliver heart necklace - 6. Best friends bar necklace - 7. 'Make a wish' necklace - 8. Gold tube necklace - 9. Rustic heart necklace.

Which one tickles your fancy?

P.S: The perfect nail polish for this dreary weather.
P.P.S: And speaking of all things understated, don't miss our GIVEAWAY this week!

(Photos by Balazs. Layout by exPress-o)


Monica Aguinaga said...

I love these pictures! The necklace is adorable, and I am, too, a Bach flowers fan.

Unknown said...

i love simple necklaces lately! xo jillian

Tiffany Kadani said...

So beautiful and simple. Such great advice, too. Lovely, Diana.

Here I scribble said...

Love those necklaces. I have been looking for something like this, to go with my daily look! Thanks for sharing!

Martina // Spunkyrella said...

I totally agree, Diana! I love my triangle ear studs from Boutique Minimaliste which I got as a birthday gift for myself last spring :)

I also think adding a new scent and changing your skincare/make-up/hair routine can work wonders on how you feel and therefore how you look and others see you...

Have a lovely day xo

Unknown said...

Oh I love that necklace you have, Diana!!! I recently went through my jewelry and got rid a bunch that I wasn't wearing. Those turned out to be big, chunky statement necklaces. I feel much more comfortable in more delicate pieces. xo, Katie

Jen Holtkamp said...

Love these necklaces! I design minimal necklaces so these speak to my soul- especially that hexagon one!

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