The Guardians

Monday, January 26, 2015

Wouldn't you agree that local, family-run and independent shops are the essence of each individual neighbourhood around the world?

Actually, Balazs and I know our butcher by name, the pastry shop owner down the road always waves at us when we pass by her window, and the florist I go to treats me to an extra bloom with every new order. So it is no surprise that I totally adore this new series by French photographer, Vladimir Antaki. He travels the world cleverly photographing the owners of small independent shops. It’s his way of paying tribute to the “guardians of urban temples” that we meet every day without really noticing them at times.

So, next time you’re getting your veggie fix from the local shop, crack an extra smile, just because:) Deal?

P.S: Corpus Libris.
P.P.S: NYC subway public library.

(via ufunk)


Anonymous said...

In or town there are mostly family run stores so it makes it easy to know everyone. It's great to see how shops vary around the world. Jill

Young at Heart said...

I still get my fruit & veg from a local family run store but in London with rocketing rents they are disappearing fast!!

Unknown said...

Yes, yes, yes!!! I love going to family-run businesses and getting to know the owners. Unfortunately the neighborhood just south of me is experiencing a change. Building owners are charging sky-high rents, the small, family owned businesses can't afford them and chain stores move in. It's sad to see a once vibrant and fiercely independent hood change. I hope my neighborhood holds out just a little longer! So yes, an extra big smile next time I'm in a family run shop! xo, Katie

katie a. said...

This photo series is fabulous! Love the dimension and the colors in each photo.

xo katie a. //

Your Invisible Crown said...

These rock, I love the one with the radio's!

Unknown said...

great photos! i agree -- i love our neighborhood shops. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Steph said...

Fantastic! These are the places that give a city character. :)

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Love these!

Jamillah said...

LOVE THIS! I agree, small independent shops is where it's favorite plant store, clothes shop and jewelry store all know my name...and they send emails or texts when something comes in they think I'd like.

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