A Van in the Sea

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

If the freezing temperatures or the recent snow is making you miserable and you're in a need for a little escape, check out the photos above. A few years ago, Alessandro Puccinelli bought a 1983 Hymer motorhome and shortly after started his journey along the south coast of Portugal. Nowadays, he spends his evenings counting stars and dipping his toes in the sea water. Ah, what a dreamy spot to call home, isn’t it?

P.S: Hank bought a bus, oh yes!
P.P.S: Fancy a quick zoom around the Earth?

(via Bliss)


Anonymous said...

I have a dream to travel the world. This is perfect. Jill

Unknown said...

Wow! This is so fun and magical! xo, Katie

Diana Mieczan said...

Me too Jill!!!

Diana Mieczan said...

I agree Katie:)

Merry Meri said...

OhmyGOODNESS these photos are gorgeous!

Diana Mieczan said...

Meri :)

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