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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fancy another round of getting to know each other? It's only fair since we are on a roll anyway, plus I can't get enough of our little chats. I always imagine that we're all sitting at a big wooden table chatting away while sipping countless cups of coffee. Wouldn't that be fun?

So, let’s continue! I will go first...

The last time I made a whole meal just for myself was a few weeks ago when Balazs was away for the evening. I had sourdough bread sandwich with homemade hummus, avocado wedges, chilli sauce and fried egg:) So easy yet so satisfying.

The last time I was adventurous/ brave was in Malta when I got the courage to dive into the lagoon straight from the boat. It was high and scary but very liberating when it was over.

And the last time I spent a day with my girlfriends was way too long ago, but I remember we went for a lunch to our favourite French little bistro. It's one of those places where the waiters remember your name if you're a regular.

Now, your turn. When was the last time you made a whole meal just for yourself, were adventurous or brave and spent a day with your girlfriends? xo

P.S: Happy thoughts.
P.P.S: Plus, go on, crack a smile:)

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Steph said...

Wow, I barely remember the last time I actually cooked a meal just for me. I live with my fiance and have done so since the beginning of 2013, so I suppose it must have been sometime at the beginning of last Winter!

The last time I as brave/adventurous was probably last month when I went kayaking for the first time. It was actually not scary at all but it was a first! http://www.littleobservationist.com/2013/07/25/kayaking-adventures-lazy-acres/

And the last time I went out with the girls was with Carolina for crepes - the best in London! http://littlelondonobservationist.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/londons-best-crepes-at-la-creperie-de-hampstead/

Tiffany Kadani said...

the last time I was brave I jumped off a rope swing and into the lake. We know how horribly the ended, haha! The last time I cooked a meal for myself was yesterday. whole wheat pasta and spinach!

the last time I went out with the girls was last night. cheese and shopping. yum!

Jana said...

The last time a cooked a meal was Monday- I love eating rich food at home with family especially if the meal includes bacon!

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! I always have the kidlets and/or my husband eating with me so I can't even recall a meal all on my own. Last brave thing I did was admit that I made a huge mistake. Whew, not nice, but necessary! A few weeks ago I had such an indulgent day with my sister and Mom - going out to lunch, shopping, cocktails on the patio discussing the new arrival of Prince George! Totally uplifting :) And I would happily sit at a wooden table and chat away with all of you!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Thanks for the links, Steph. I am so going to check out your kayaking post. Oh my goodness, that had to be so fun! Btw: I LOVE crepes:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Tiffany, yum! I want some wheat pasta and spinach right now:)

Diana Mieczan said...

I LOVE bacon, Jana:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww..skedian, your comment made me so happy:) Btw: your day with your mom and sister sounds wonderful! Plus, Prince George is a huge topic around my home too:) He is so adorable, isn't he?

Mimi said...

it's been quite a long time, haha. ;) i gotta set aside some time to actually cook a whole meal. :)

<3, Mimi

Bryony said...

I made a whole meal for myself just the other day. I whipped up breakfast for lunch before heading out to my 20-week scan.

My last adventurous moment was running my first half marathon back in March. It felt so brilliant to know I could do that!

The last time I hung out with my girlfriends was far too long ago! Probably at my bridal shower since so many of us are international now.

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww..20-week scan! That is so exciting, Bryony:) Also, well done on the half marathon and breakfast for lunch is always a yes for me too:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Mimi, it can be so much fun to cook for one.

Polly Rowan said...

Last time I cooked just for myself was last night! Had pasta with spinach, broad beans, broccoli, garlic and tuna yummm. Last time I was brave was when I went scuba diving to 18 metres in Zanzibar - I was terrified! Last time I had a day with the girls... I can't remember :( I had lunch with a girlfriend about 3 weeks ago!

RAY said...

The last time I cooked for myself was Friday night. I worked that night and got home around 9. But I was craving popcorn. So I made some delicious stove top popcorn, blended some bananas with cocoa powder ("ice cream") and watched Fried Green Tomatoes. It was fantastic.

The last time I was adventurous was out hiking through a woods with a bunch of friends and I climbed this massive exotic looking tree. It was very riveting and beautiful when I got to the top.

The last time I had a night with my girlfriends was very impromptu. And it was just one girlfriend. But I stayed the night at her house since she's leaving for college soon and we sat in her room talking for four hours about anything and everything, watching our favorite fashion or music videos on her laptop, and eating popcorn. It was lovely.

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