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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Darlings, have you seen the Sound of My Voice? What did you think? If you loved Another Earth (which I did), you will thoroughly enjoy this indie film as well. It’s not only written by the same brilliant duo, but it also stars the adorable Brit Marling. It’s a well-crafted psychodrama mixed with a dash of sci-fi reverb.

The story follows two people seeking the truth about our life, existance and the meaning of time - all inside a secret basement somewhere in suburban California. The plot asks questions that we don’t have answers to and maybe don’t really want to discover. Is it possible for people to time-travel? Are there really people with supernatular powers? Can we believe that someone came from the future? Or are they just cult leaders and con artists who are great at scamming the innocent and desperate? Would we be able to tell the difference? The genius thing about this picture is that it doesn’t give you answers it just cleverly gives you space for your own interpretation. The film left me feeling eerie and thoughtful – in a way it made me crave to know more but also made me realize that we should be cautious. It’s certainly not your typical sci-fi movie but it’s so worth the watch!

Bits and bobs:
- Brit and Zal spent time in real-life fringe groups before writing the script and their research was included in the film.
- Here is a great interview about the film with Zal and Brit.
- Now I can't wait to watch The East. It's the newest of Zal's and Brit's collaborations. It was just released on June 28th. Have you seen it already?
- Brit Marling will be playing Nancy Lincoln in The Green Blade Rises. Can't wait for this one as well.
- Christopher Denham played the invastigative journalist and you might remember him as Mark Lijek in Argo. That was one brilliant movie, wasn't it?
- But he also had a role in Shutter Island back in 2010.
- I loved Nicole Vicius! She also played in Last Days.
- Here is a great behind the scenes of the film...
- Giggle, here is the secret handshake from the film:)
- One incredibly inspiring speech by Brit!
- Here is why she prefers acting in other people's movies:)
- And a few memorable quotes from the film.

P.S: Plus, a few other films that I love right now.

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Anonymous said...

Ever since you posted about the Another Earth I can't get enough of Brit and Zal team. Can't wait to watch this one next.

Gwen said...

Sounds lovely, will have to check into this one!

Diana Mieczan said...


Diana Mieczan said...

I love them too, Anonymous :)

the cape on the corner said...

you totally described this spot on, that it leaves it open to your own interpretation. I was actually a little annoyed with Netflix's description of this as a psychological thriller, making it seem like this was a lot scarier than it is. it's more of a thoughprovoking-indie-moderate sci fi flick.

Diana Mieczan said...

The cape on the corner :)

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