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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Have you seen People Like Us? How did you like it? Here is the thing: films that are based on true stories touch me deeply and sometimes I find myself researching the background stories further, weeks after I’ve seen the films. This is exactly what happened with this movie that was based on real life events. It’s an emotional journey that tightens your heart strings more and more with every new scene.  

Just imagine discovering that you have a sibling you never knew existed. How do you react to the news that your father had another family you never knew about? Do you feel cheated? Are you happy? There comes a moment in all of our lives when we have to define our relationship with our family. How they influenced us, changed us, made us into the people we are today or how some of us endlessly try running away from every aspect of their values. But at some point we have to evaluate who we want to be. This film will help in that. A must see for sure!

Bit and bobs:
- Dennis Lambert was the real-life father in the film.
- His son is Alex Kurtzman who directed this film and the film is based on his story.
- About 8 years ago,  a woman approached Alex Kurtzman at a party and introduced herself saying: 'Hi, I'm your sister.' In the interview he said that despite being utterly shocked he clearly saw his father's features reflected in the woman's face. Incredible, huh?
- You can read more about the story here and here.
- Chris Pine played Alex in the film and you might also remember him from Star Trek, 2009 or a 2010 film, Unstoppable.
- Here he talks about the film.
- Elizabeth Banks played the sister and she was really brilliant!
- I love her loud-self occasionally on Modern Family.
- Have you seen this?
Fancy knowing Elizabeth's favourite film?
- Here she talks about her role in this film.
- Michelle Pfeiffer is the on-screen mother of Chris and the awesome Olivia Wilde was the girlfriend.

P.S: Plus, a few other films that rock my world right now.

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Anonymous said...

You read my mind. I just spotted this movie last night and after reading the review I can't wait to watch it.


Melanie said...

I really enjoyed this movie! I had no idea it was based on true events! Wow! That's so trippy to find out if your an only child that you have a sibling!!!! =)

Oh so go watch Timer!! You would love it!!!!

Ergo - Blog

Ethaney said...

hummmm...i think i need to see this!!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful actors and amazing true story..gotta see this! xo

Diana Mieczan said...

I think you will love it, Ola:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Chloe, I am planning to watch Timer tonight:)

Diana Mieczan said...

So true, SomeKind OfStyle :)

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