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Friday, February 17, 2012

Darlings, what are you up to this weekend? Tonight Balazs and I are going for a Thai dinner with the family. Balazs' brother is about to become a dad for the first time, so we are going to catch up on all things baby. Wherever your feet take you, I wish you an adventurous weekend. Just make sure to stay cozy and super warm :) As always here are a few great links for you to check out. Enjoy!

Beauty in Alaska.

Elizabeth Gibson's confessions of an over-giver.

Chicken dance:)

Tips on how to move to NYC (and this story).

Blossom - amazing!

A mind blowing tour of San Francisco's Golden Gate.

This quote.

No way, chocolate covered crisps!

So zen.

Incredible - glowing snowboard man.


Those shoes are made for walking!

A stunning corsage pendant.

Fantastic ideas for table centerpieces.

Don't miss our snazzy ONA GIVEAWAY! (Only 2 more days to enter)

And here are four exPress-o posts all about NYC you might have missed:
* 1940's NYC.
* NYC Greenmarket.
* Le sigh!
* Where they create, Brooklyn.

Loves, see you Monday morning. xo

(Photo of the sleepy winter Manhattan by Jamie Beck)


jeanette from everton terrace said...

Have a wonderful dinner and congrat's to the soon to be poppa!
We are doing a 12 hour round trip drive to CA (leaving soon). It will be a whirlwind but always fun :)

Punctuation Mark said...

have fun at dinner my dear... love the links! stay warm over there!

Punctuation Mark said...

have fun at dinner my dear... love the links! stay warm over there!

HiLLjO said...

Happy Weekend, love! Enjoy dinner!

Grandpa turns 80 so we're celebrating Sunday with dinner as well. Toodles!

Emily said...

Is that NYC?! I'm headed home and going to NYC for a few days :) Have a wonderful weekend!

C... said...

I'm going to rest and exercise this weekend. I need to catch up on both.

Jocelyn Lum said...

nice picture. U must have a nice weekend.

I am going to rest and go to the mall.
What's more important than getting good night sleep.

oh,henry! said...

honey, that LED snowboarder is... breathtaking!!!
thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

Caroline Hancox said...

Love that glowing snowboarder! and it was filming in Tignes, love that place. I used to live there (well for a season anyway) but I do miss it.

Also thanks for the link. You are a super star! x

Elisa R @ Rely design said...

new on your blog!
love it! :)

Carrie said...

i hope you have fun this weekend. have a great time at the dinner. :D
i love thai food.


Ann On and On... said...

Thai is always a good way to start or end the weekend... Thanks for the links. I know it's a lot of work...and I appreciate it!

Diana Mieczan said...

Jeanette, thanks and have a wonderful trip!

Diana Mieczan said...

HiLLjO, how fantastic. Happy 80th birthday to your grandpa:) And Emily, yes, it's NYC:) Beautiful, isnt it?

Diana Mieczan said...

Irena, I adore that video as well and Caroline, you are very welcome:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww..you are so sweet, Ann!

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