Have a magnifique weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweets, what are you up to this weekend? Can you believe that autumn is officialy here? Tonight, I'm putting on a little black dress with a bit of lipstick as we're off to a fancy birthday party. I can't wait to spend the evening sipping red wine, eating French pâté and listening to Édith Piaf. (I wish I could wear this pale pink piece). Have a wonderful first weekend on autumn and here are a few great links from around the web. Enjoy!

This girl is so super cute. (and I love her bike).

Slippers are IN this season.

Incog-neat-o - perfect for Halloween.

Super sweet wedding dress and the most adorable head wreath.

50 strange buildings around the world!

Giggle - I love Joey.

Two awesome home projects: a cabinet door coat rack and a funky door.

The funniest tote bag, ever!

Totally scrumptious :)

Adorable dogs in Paris. They are chilling.

My dream bathroom.(Check out the towel holder).

Such a stylish home. The colours are so crispy fresh.

The Elisabeth Michael shop has some huge sales right now!

Those photographs are stunning.

Vintage summer.

Fancy a super chic tunic for autumn? Don't miss our EmersonMade GIVEAWAY!

And here are two of my Honest Cooking articles you might have missed:
* Movie night bread spreads
* Have a coffee break in Italy

Darlings, see you Monday morning. Love! xo

(Photo of a stunning Parisian by The Sartorialist)


Barbara von Enger said...

Have an enchanting evening and a fun weekend. XX

Christianna said...

I love that girls style! It's awesome!

Sage Hammond said...

Happy Weekend!!!
Thanks for the lovely link my sweets, mmmwwwwhhhhaaaa!!!

Jessie said...

Have a great weekend! I hope to relax a bit!


Lila said...

I can just picture you with your red lips and LBD.

As always I love your weekly picks.
Have a wonderful weekend.

shopgirl said...

have a brilliant weekend Diana!


Stephanie said...

Love that tote bag!! I've seen one that says "My book club can drink your book club under the table." Some of my college roommates and I had a book club a few years back and I very nearly bought it for them. ;-)

Diana said...

Have a wonderful time at the birthday party!! I love that girl and her bike...what a cute outfit! And those dogs...aww!! Is the top dog wearing a sweater?! Enjoy your weekend...we're going out to a comedy club tonight!! :)

Diana Mieczan said...

Di, I think he does! Isn't he adorable? And comedy club sounds like so much fun! Have a fantastic time!

Diana Mieczan said...

Hahah..Stephanie, how cool and that tote totally makes me giggle. I need to join a book club asap!

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww..Bella, you are so sweet and Sage, you are welcome. Those photos are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Your link posts are also what I look forward during my weekend! All of these are wonderful. I just wanted to let you know that I've changed my blog A Flourishing Perspective to Copper&Whim. Come take a look if you like!

Melissa Blake said...

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Diana!! :)

Great links, as always! xoxo

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