Weekend Is Here!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010
My Darlings, what are your plans for this weekend? We are having a movie night tonight.....My main plan for the next two days is: sleep in and eat great Italian food! Good plan?

As always, here are a few great links from around the web:

You all know that I adore all Paris stuff and those tea-towels are so Oh la-la!!!

How great it would be to work in your garden using those cuties!

DIY project- how to make an apron!

Here is a perfect bowl for a summer salad!

We all love stripes ....A few adorable rooms...I think it's time to redecorate!

Dream home...Have a look, I bet you will love it!

Yummy salad for a summer weekend with friends!

Adorable connect the dots "thank you" postcard!!!

I am thinking about getting a new bicycle basket..Those are super cute!

Do you have a red tote? ( so cute, right?)

The only thing I can say about this tee is....ahhhh

Yellow on a beach...with J.Crew ( they do make the best swim wear...don't they?)

DIY project- Father's Day gift idea....(You like?)

Here are some beautiful ballet inspired wedding details...!!!( yuppie to the wedding season)

I love kids parties and this one is adorable...Circus theme!

Jaques tote bag...Perfect for a shopping trip:)

It's raining today and I am thinking about getting this umbrella....

And here are a few exPress-o posts you may have missed:
Bathroom Makeover
I Can See Rainbow
Birthday Fun For Grown-Ups
Fashion Copycat

Do me a favoure and be happy, be safe and eat a lot of good food over this weekend:)

Love you all and see you on Monday:)


Monica Aguinaga said...

Have a great weekend! I'll definitely take your advice and eat lots of good food this weekend!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Love the balloon picture! Have a great weekend! My only plans are to work...maybe I'll fit in a movie night though!

Unknown said...

ohhh to sleep in! - i am the WORST sleeper (light sleeper so i'm always up) .. to actually sleep a full 8 hours would be a delight!

i plan to eat lots of seafood and italian this weekend *get in my belly* haha

*Happy Weekend*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Anonymous said...

Your plan sounds fantastic to me! (sleep in... ahhh I wish). Enjoy your weekend!

Jess said...

LOVE the colorful garden tools! Have an enjoyable weekend!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

your Friday photos always make me so happy! sounds like a nice weekend. :) my craft fair is tomorrow, eeeek! :P
have a lovely, wonderful, awesome weekend!

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

Happy weekend and thanks for all the inspirations!

C'est La Vie said...

hi lady! :)

i hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

ps those towels are SO CUTE!! love them haha

baresytapas said...

I entered this site by chance, but I found very interesting. A greeting to all the people who visit this page.

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

I'm actually heading to a brain control seminar this weekend!!! No kidding :)


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

great plan Diana!! Im planning to sleep in, go to the Grace Kelly exhibition and a bday party
Love the link thanks sweetie
Have a lovely relaxed weekend xx

Elle Sees said...

Hope your weekend is faboosh!

C'est La Vie said...

k lady i'm going to be in Ukraine for most of the time, our countries are TOUCHING haha
how fun would that be to have a little blogging get together!?

plus budapest i on my list!

Caroline said...

Mmmmm! Italian food sounds lovely. And that salad looks delicious!
We don't have big plans for the weekend...maybe an ice cream trip for the children and a possible date night if my babysitter is free!

Have a lovely weekend!
xo caroline

Lilacandgrey said...

We are eating Italian tonight (can't wait!) and the rest of the weekend we will plan as we go...

Happy weekend darling!

photohogger said...

Your weekend sounds like a good plan!
I'm hanging with my girls this weekend and doing a clothing swap :)
+ going to watch SATC 2 + dinner

Have a great one Diana!

Ann said...

Thanks for all your kind words! Have a great weekend.

Valerie said...

I love your weekend plan! Mine's very similar, involving sleep and eating great sushi. Hope you have a great one!


Beth said...

Hi Diana...Awesome links! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have terrific weather and a lovely weekend! xoxo Beth

Diana Mieczan said...

Sara..hahaha...that would be great!

Unknown said...

your weekend plans sound divine. i can't wait to check out all these links!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Amazing post once again!! I definitely want to make some healthy salads this weekend and of course, sleep in :-) xoxoxoxo

Michelle Reyna said...

Drat! You just made me miss myyy favorite red leather bag. I literally just passed it on to my best friend yesterday. I hope she enjoys it. haha. I hope your weekend is lovely and filled with delicious Italian food. xxoo

Jessica said...

Fantastic round-up! The bowl really is perfect for summer salads!

Have a lovely weekend, darling!


Have a fabulous weekend, sweetie! Enjoy movie nite and I hope you get to eat some yummy Italian food.

I'm trying to keep it rather low key. Did some clothes shopping today and am going to cook some dinner now. Lots of rest is on the agenda so I think we'll also watch a movie tonight...from my couch! tomorrow gym {finally going back after a ridiculously long hiatus...funny how summer will do that to a person:)} , tan, laundry & a friends bday party. And sunday absolutely nothing! :)

And thanks for these fabulous links. I so want those bowls and that cobb salad looks amazing!


and flowers pick themselves said...

this week flew by for me. it feels like thirty seconds ago i was writing "have a marvelous weekend, my dear!"


xo Alison

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

We're having a movie night too. I'm about to go watch Public Enemies!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Cute apron - I might give that a go.

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Love the ballet wedding, I think it could also work for a birthday party. And that house Daniella posted is just beautiful!

Happy Weekend!

Josie said...

I'm working a ton this weekend... Hopefully I'll make enough money to buy that positively DARLING red Anthro tote?
xxoo Josie

Unknown said...

lovely pictures looks awesome

Couture Carrie said...

I love J. Crew suits too!
Fab photo and link list, darling!

Enjoy your weekend :)


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Hope you have a positively fantastic weekend lady!

El'Aundra Dolce said...

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noone said...

hope you'll have a great weekend! I am having a movie night tonight as well, I think we're finally watching Avatar lol soo behind!

Suyinsays said...

mmmn food! hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks for the great comment :)

Emelie - C'est LA vie said...

Great plan! Have fun darling X

Barbara von Enger said...

I adore ballons, especially bright and colourful ones. My family and I are hosting a garden party this weekend - this should be quite entertaining. Enjoy your film and have a nice weekend, sweetie;-)

shopgirl said...

Hey Diana, this is a great list. I'm going to have to check out some of these links.

This weekend, we're doing a bit of renovation in our office. Today we sanded down the walls and tore a bit of it because of mold and cracks. Tomorrow, we're taking a break and riding around the motorcycle and taking advantage of the good weather....and then we'll get back to the reno. I think we're doing the renovation on latin time, so it could take it all week.

Hope you're having a nice Saturday!


Unknown said...

Oooh, I can spend some time this weekend checking out your links! XO!

Unknown said...

Adore that dream home! Happy weekend!

Karena said...

Diana, I adore your header!! The weekend liks are wonderful, hope you are having a good one!

S and O said...

I have plans of watching a movie tonight too :)
I'm going to be spending some quality family time with my sis, bro, and cousin, tonight as we watch the golden compass :)

happy weekend!


Annie Spandex said...

That house is beautiful!! The floors...

Adele said...

Cuteee photo :)
Unfortunately I will be spending my weekend revising as I have an exam on tuesday!

- Adele

Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

Thank you for making me discover the J.crew site !



1 Funky Woman said...

How did you find such amazing fun things? The web, what an amazing place! I love everything Paris too. I have a ton of Eiffel Towers. I love those towels and that bike basket, too cute!

Thanks for thinking of me!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, like it.... keep blogging.

erica said...

Adore the balloon picture!!! Great links! xo

Audrey Allure said...

I hope you have an amazing weekend! I just bummed around the house, relaxing for this one :)

La pépite modeuse said...

Cute pictures :)

Aurelia Mattos said...

I loved the post. kisses baby.

Anonymous said...

Those Paris tea towels are so cute! And I adore the dream home-- swooning for the huge Aga stove in the kitchen.. I have a little one with two oven doors in my kitchen, but the more ovens, the more cooking that happens!
Great links, have a beautiful weekend!

Bárbara said...

Hope you had a great weekend!! those links are great

Viva La Fashion said...

love the balloons. :) and i'm so excited for the weekend. i'm just bummed that its almost over.

annechovie said...

Sounds like great weekend plans to me, Diane! xx

Leah said...

Hope your weekend plan is still in effect and you are having a great time! Love all you links!

Diana Mieczan said...

You all are so great!! Thank you:)

Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh my goodness how am I not following you? This will change right now!

maggeygrace said...

Your blog is entirely too distracting and entertaining and amazing for its own good ;) I could probably spend hours on here looking at your links are marvelous pictures!!!

Keep it up ;)

who needs calculus?

Dr. Heckle said...

I made myself a sandwich this weekend... I felt really productive.

Pascale Baker said...

I had Italian for dinner! It's to die for, sounds like you are having an awesome weekend. Love the blog

Stop by my blog sometime, New post up x

Annie said...

another great, fun pic!!

APieceOfCrap said...

the balloon pic is just lovely!!

Our brand new blog, and our first. Take a peek.

best regards from Sweden

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