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Friday, June 11, 2010
I could use one of those funky hand-printed glass cases from Sarah Waterhouse. I have this unfortunate habit of leaving my sunglasses lying around and then I'm surprised when they get a scratch or end up on the floor. Those are so beautifully practical . Don’t you think?

Wish You a Sunny Day, my Darlings!

Ps: The blue one is on my wish list!


k said...

super sassy! love em - i think i'd get the red.

design traveller said...

I would love to get the yellow one :)

Unknown said...

they remind me of my grandma's glass case - i dunno - i don't think i could use them - i'd feel "too old" and i resist that feeling at ever oppertunity :o)

*kiss kiss*
Happy Weekend
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Nikki said...

OMG these are positively adorable! I need one!

Have a great weekend!


Tayebug said...

I could definitely use one for my car. I leave a pair of sunglasses in there and they're always getting thrown around. Perfectly sunshiney!

Beth said...

I don't know if these would help me hide my sunglasses from my daughter? So far, nothing seems to work! :)

Have a great weekend, beautiful!

xoxo Beth

Adele said...

Those are very cool!
- Adele

Jess said...

Too cute!!

Mary said...

Love them and am in total need of containing my sunglasses - don't know if those huge things would fit in here though. Hm.

Jen said...

What an adorable idea!! Someone sure has some creativity ;-)

hip hip gin gin said...

These are really cute! I like the bright colors, my current eyeglass case is black which means it blends in with everything and I can never find my glasses. These would be a pretty way to spot them easier for sure!

Annie said...

really cute!

Marcie said...

These are so cute and don't seem bulky at all. Hmmm, I need one.


Diana Mieczan said...

Beth...I bet in a few years it will be less difficult... :) I love kids so much!!!

The Red Sole Heels said...

thanks for your comment on my blog :)
i think those are cute pocket, my fave is the pink one.. :)

Sherrie said...

Hmmm, I'll take the yellow, please. :)

Lucy said...

Oh my goodness meee!! i absolutely adore these theyre so so me!

I think i may have to order one because i just throw my glasses on te floor when i go to bed! hehe oops!
Hope youre weekends wonderful too, thanks for always leaving me such beautiful comments xxxx

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