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Tuesday, June 22, 2010
The other day I had a coffee with one of my lovely girlfriends and we talked about things we have to do and deadlines we have to reach, then suddenly she asked me to list 5 things, that make me happy.....From the top of my mind I said: tight hugs, Seinfeld, Lays chips, long Loccitane bubble baths with a mag in my hand and coffee shops :)

Now, my Darlings, your turn...I would love to know 5 things that make you happy:)

Dish it out!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

1. The dude's giggle
2. The hub's kiss
3. Marathon chat fests with my bestie
4. A sunset walk on the beach
5. A bubble path paired with Harper's Bazaar and a glass of bubbly.

How did I do?

Anonymous said...

Oh uhh I wasn't expecting this! Bellini, magazines, iPhone, sun, music. ??? Not easy!

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh yes,I forgot the wine
Thanks Kristin:)

Tiffany Kadani said...

Writing, dancing, eating, laughing with friends, and 30 Rock.

Cat said...

What a great idea...my 5 things would be ... Fraiser, coffee, creating, reading, and hugs (that was a good one!!!)

xo Cat

ps. Thanks for becoming my 100th follower...you made my day!!!

I just added a button option to my blog and see that you have one too. I am going to grab it now...hope you will return the favor :)

Valerie said...

I love talking about these things. Mine are:

1.spending time with my husband/family
2.coffee and books/magazines (same as yours!)
3.Friday afternoons with no plans
4.beach days


jemina said...

1 my husband and kids
2 hugs
3 kisses
4 kindness
5 love

Unknown said...

gorgeous photo... there really is nothing that a date with girlfriends can't solve, is there? i love your list.

1. a new magazine
2. an inspiring blog entry or a friendly blog comment
3. a starbucks iced vanilla latte made so very perfectly
4. a backyard bbq with my family
5. a pair of super high heels!

what a fun post :) have a great day!


oh I LOVE your list sweetie. I'll give mine a shot....

my love
foot massages
magazines & blogs
beach days

making this list i realized that i have a ton more things that make me happy which is a good problem to have i guess, right? :)


BusyB said...

1. kids cracking up!
2. coffee
3. a good hug for a loved one
4. laughing at myself when needed
5. giving a perfectly planned gift and watching thier face light up!

I think just writing them right now made me happy!!!
Happy Tuesday!

hip hip gin gin said...

Love your list!
1. My little dog
2. Husband
3. Hugs
4. Magazines
5. Candlelight dinners
And tons more, but if those five all happen in a day, it is a happy day indeed!

Sara Szatmary said...

LOVE This idea! Visit my blog in a bit for my list :)

Edana said...

What an excellent idea! Let's see...

1: curling up in bed with my boyfriend and a book at the end of a long day
2: cooking/watching people I love eating and enjoying something I cooked/getting comments on my blog along the same lines (thanks!)
3: finding yet another NCIS or House marathon on USA when I have nothing to do
4: sleeping (it sounds boring but being an insomniac for my whole life has brought me to a point where there's nothing I enjoy more)
5: catching up on my rss feeds filled with comics and foodblogs and non-foodblogs and almost always learning something new or laughing hysterically or just smiling at something someone posted along the way

Hmmm...yep, definitely in a better mood than I was before writing this list! Thanks, you're the sweetest :)

Diana Mieczan said...

I am so happy you love it..You all are the best!!!!

Unknown said...

cute post looks great

Marcie said...

(1) Sushi
(2) Smell of old books
(3) Europe
(4) Laughing with my husband
(5) The feeling after working hard and then taking a vacation.

xo Marcie

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

i'll never get tired of these kinds of posts. :D

here's mine
1. the hubber's sense of humor
2. my new kittens!
3. books
4. pasta
5. trees


Gina said...

tight hugs are my favorite too! also
feeling confident
& my cats

Heather Feemster said...

You are too cute, since I'm grumpy today this is a good excercise.....

1. Baked goods with a cup of coffee
2. Lazy warm beach days
3. Naps
4. Laughing with my friends
5. Having career success....

Diana Mieczan said...

Kelli...pasta!!! Yummy...good one:)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Happy post! I love it. Hmm...I would say tea, shopping at Urban Outfitters, hanging out with my best friend, eating dark chocolate, and eating mexican bread are five things that make me happy!

photohogger said...

Hard to do this without first reading everyone elses!! hahaha!
I'd have to say copy you with tight hugs - LOVE a big ol' hug.
watching tv with my hubby, breakfast makes me VERY happy, that hour of yoga a day, photographing.

Bring Pretty Back said...

1) My blog and everyone elses too!(oh and comments)
2) My hubby and 3 sons
3)my dishwasher makes me happy
4) dear friends
5)lifetime tv
I could go on and on!
Have a pretty day!

Punctuation Mark said...

1. a good dinner with a great bottle of wine
2. watching the world cup with my family
3. trips to my fave cities
4. playing in the rain
5. my design and cook books

have a nice one!

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

My little miss Annika's Smile!
A textile project
yoga class
Bravo reality
your blog:)
Love you!

Diana Mieczan said...

Deepali Kalia.....you are so sweet...Thank you so much!

thingsIlove said...

:D great post. My blog is all about things that makes me happy (things that I love).

Things that makes me happy:
1. comments on my blog
2. kids
3. music
4. hugs
5. seeing my friends and family

Anonymous said...

Ooh I was thinking about this today and also going to do a post on it - how it's the small pleasures in life that make each day a little bit brighter.

1. Cuddles from your special person
2. Long balmy days with blue skies and gorgeous sunsets
3. Flowers in the house
4. Having the luxury of time to watch Sex and the City or read Vogue in bed with a nice chocolate
5. Big smiles from strangers

And also... your blog always makes me smile! Where abouts do you live? I'd love to meet in person one day.

Hope the sun is shining where you are darling

Miss B xx

Diana Mieczan said...

Miss B...currently I’m in Europe... Budapest :)
Thank you for being so lovely :)

Anonymous said...

1. my baby's smile
2. my other half (the fact that he exists and I met him and he is with me and we love each other)
3. a cup of coffee (has to be Italian:wakes me up)
4. my house clean and tidy
5. my art (designs and mosaics)

random order





wow. this is such a great picture!!

I'm a fashion photographer.
visit to see my archive on my blog :D
if you love fashion & photography,
I'm sure you will love my blog !!


Felicity said...

Swinging in the hammock with my Captain Valentine.
2. Special visits from my gorgeous niece Sahara
3. Lately riding my bike through the neighbourhood with my hounds
4.The Land of Blog - where you meet creative, clever and truly wonderful people and receive little gifts of serendipity every day
5. Vibrant health celebrated with a glass of Veuve Clicqout

This was fun but a little tricky to limit to 5, see you soon XX Felicity

Polly Rowan said...

1. Going on picnics with friends
2. Pimms on summer day
3. Baking cupcakes
4. Riding my bike
5. Going to the beach

Haha mine are very food and summer related! I'm so happy in the summer!

Gorgeous Glam said...

Sleeping next to my husband every night

Coming home to my pups who love me

drinking hot tea

my shoe closet and my makeup drawers!
Hope you are having a great day! That made me smile xoxo

Oh, My Darling said...

Aw, great list! Mine would be:

1. Soft serve twist ice cream
2. Wearing pretty dresses
3. Decorating for parties or wrapping presents
4. Silly dance moves
5. Aveda rosemary mint scented products

I feel happier already!

orange sugar home said...

1. family time
2. really good healthy tasty food
3. a forest
4. a large body of water
5. being kind
thanks for asking!! hope you are well.

Sarah said...

Aww, what a good list! Here are mine:
Friday night dinners with my husband
Seeing my family
A fresh haircut/mani/pedi/facial (all of them on the same day! Whoop!
The wornout feeling after a day at the beach
New clothes!!

More than five, but who's counting?

Monica Aguinaga said...

good question, let see;
1. magazines
2. cheese
3. Johny depp
4. my niece
5. good wine

Claire Kiefer said...

long phone conversations with girlfriends; drinking a beer or glass of white wine outside, in the daytime, during the summer; Sex and the City reruns; finding an amazing new pair of shoes; unexpected adventure :)

Hope Chella said...

Love this!!!
1.) Hugs
2.) Kisses
3.) Sleep
4.) Giggling
5.) Food
I need to work on my good things journal and you've totally inspired me!

Have a great week,
Hope :) xxx

The Red Sole Heels said...

well, you are fans of l'ocitane? hehe..

so, i wanna share too the 5 things that make me happy:
2. Traveling around the world
3. Read comments on my blog from my readers
4. Yummy Food
5. SPA in a beautiful scenery place

Dominique said...

1. My amazing children (Wait, that's 5 things right there!),
2. The warmth of my hubby,
3. The color of morning light as it comes through our red bedroom curtains,
4. The breeze on my face as I ride my bike, and
5. Finding volunteer seedlings in my garden.

It's a good life!

Josie said...

Seeing my best friends, coming home for school breaks, Ben & Jerry's Brownie Batter ice cream, sundresses, and flattering jeans. Sooo happy.
xo Josie

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

cool list! ok:

1. my boys
2. sleep
3. long lunches with friends
4. music
5. beautiful (to my eye) things



Sum said...

Thank you for the lovely comments! :) Tight hugs always make my day.

1. Music that inspires.
2. Reading e-mails from people you love.
3. Playing the guitar.
4. Writing anything.
5. Sleep!

That Girl in Pearls said...

Great questions!! I Love, my fiance's fantastic bear hugs, mojitos, old school picnics, L'Occitaine ;), and Love Quotes scarves.

Biana said...

Smelling and hugging my guy in the morning, baby giggles, Good food, smell of fresh air, riding my bike with a nice fresh breeze going through my hair. And there are a whole lot of other things, but I'll keep it on those five :) Have a nice day!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

This is so much FUN, Diana. Here we go
My children and husband
Did I mention chocolate?

Have a happy happy Wednesday, sweet friend. xx

Heather Taylor said...

Autumn days with gray skies, cool weather and beautiful fashion
Liv Kristine's voice


k said...

1. the way my dogs paws smell like grass =)
2. how my husband kisses me goodbye every single morning
3. coffee in the mornings
4. YOUR lovely comments ;)
5. The sun shining today after what feels like 40 days and nights of rain and clouds

Diana Mieczan said...

Krystal...thank you sweetie:)Ahhh:) We also have a sunny day today...It was raining for the last few days:)

Romance Is Boring said...

- sweet notes/texts,
- coffee shops with friends/the boyfriend,
- music
- looking forward to something (my holiday and Leeds Fest!)
getting new followers and comments (cheesy, but true!)



Heidi Adnum said...

Five friends :) thanks, Diana

Renee said...

1. feeling the sun on my skin
2. eating delicious food
3. hugs
4. my cat
5. pretty things.

Lilacandgrey said...

1. Kisses from hubby
2.Kisses from doggie
3. sunsets on the beach
4. sex on the beach (the drink!)
5. a new handbag :)

yeah that'll do for now ;)

Prutha Raithatha said...

1] sun
2] hug and kisses
3] my family and my nieces and nephews ...i love them too death and they totally totally always make me happy
4] art
5] dressing up


Annie said...

Wow, that is so my list too!!! I would also have to add 1. Golden Girls 2. Huge mugs of tea with milk & honey 3. Fall afternoons 4. wineries and 5. traveling with my husband :)

A Flourishing Perspective said...

Um, let me say this is a fantastic post! :) I think I shall have to do one on my blog soon if you don't mind.

My list...oh that's a toughy and could go on FOREVER so I'll just write whatever FIRST comes to mind, darling. :)

1.) Hot chocolate
2.) Movies or random ice-cream trips in the Summer
3.) Christmastime
4.) British accents
5.) and though I could put loads of other things, I shall say YOUR comments on mine and Erika's blog...we can always look forward to the sweetest comments from you AND the sweetest posts. :)


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