Spring Skirts...How fun!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Skirts from: J. Crew, Anthropologie and Lover

1.A.P.C.  2. Steven Alan 3. J.Crew  4. Ever 5. J.Crew

When the sun is starting to shine and the air feels like a warm cashmere touch (instead of a slap on the face every time you go out) it's time to let your legs go loose. You know what I mean, my lovelies....skirts are perfect for sunny, easy, everyday wear and even the simplest skirts can double for daywear or evening wear. Since today the weather is getting so fabulous and I am ready for my legs to be free with some breezy, light spring clothes and I am ready to renew a love affair with skirts. So how about a statement, ladies? Show those legs off this season :)



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