Shanna Murray

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Shanna Murray just created this beautiful collection of illustrated wall & and window decals. I am a huge fan of those beauties and I hope you will be too. She was inspired by little notes/reminders we all leave around the place to remember something or to express something to our loved ones. Each of her amazing decals are designed to be used alone or in combination with other decals and as she said herself, she hopes people will use their imagination and create their own unique ways of using the details. Here comes the good news for people who are afraid to post stuff on walls: all the decals are easily you don’t have to worry about stained walls!

My favourite ones are: “We are so good together” paired up with a few pictures of me and my “plus-one” or “You are my Sunshine”…adorable. Those two are on my wish list!
For more designs just click here
Which one do you like?
Do you have ideas how to incorporate those beauties into your home?
Hope you all are having a better weather than me.....It is raining cats and dogs here!



shanna murray said...

hi, diana! thanks so much for this lovely post! what a delight to find it here!

Diana Mieczan said...

Hi Shanna,
So lovely of You for leaving a note:) I am so happy!
The collection is amazing and I wish you all the best!

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