The Recipe Door

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
(Photo via  Dinner A Love Story)

I’m my house kitchen is the first room people enter and it’s the most enjoyable room for guests to be in because of the open spaces and the warm wall colour. For me kitchen should be the vocal point of a home and the one where everyone is hanging around. Jenny from DALS had this great idea of making use of the inside part of a cabinet door by posting some great family recipes or your favourite mixes. It’s just a lovely idea for all those creative people who would like to add some extra flavour to your kitchen set. Just imagine opening the cabinet door and seeing your grandma's Meatball recipe and picturing her making those delicious meatballs with so much love and care. You can have that feeling every time you open that door.
I’m sold! The hard part is to choose the recipe ....We have sooo many of them.
If you could post any recipe on your cabinet door which one would it be and why?
I’m looking forward to your ideas!!!

Wish you all yummy thoughts,


Sarah said...

I LOVE this. If I had the balls I would totally do this. Also if I didn't rent.

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