Oh La La Spring in Paris

Thursday, April 1, 2010
There are a few things in life that we can’t get enough of and for me everything French in one of those things.
(Photos by: Mr. Newton via refinery29.com)
It’s not a secret that Paris is the one city I adore. I've been there a fair share and every time I cant get enough of the atmosphere. For me, French women are just stunning and so stylish in their own "messy out -of- bed not paying much attention" kind of way. There is no one style they wear or one trend they follow, the beauty is that those Parisians know how, what, when and for what body type. It’s not a secret that French women perfected  the technique of wearing layers and they know how to pull off stripes without looking like a beach ball. After the fashion week came to an end, the streets of Paris started to blossom with beautiful girls and amazing clothes. Here are a few photos by Mr. Newton, a talented street style photographer who brought us this fresh scoop of Parisian chic. Even after carefully studying these photos, I still can't put my finger on how Paris always manages to elevate the Fashion Week game to a whole new level.

(Photos by: Mr. Newton via refinery29.com)
(Photos by: Mr. Newton via refinery29.com)
(Photos by: Mr. Newton via refinery29.com)

Are you inspired?

What do you like to wear? How would you describe your style? I really would like to know:)

My lovelies I wish you a sunny afternoon,


photohogger said...

I just read this post. I may be going to Paris this summer. If so, I'll be back looking for more Parisian inspiration!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Diana Mieczan said...

How lucky...I adore Paris:)

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